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Through the course of our consulting and development projects, we've answered many different questions and solved many different issues pertaining to FFM Direct Enrollment. We started this page to share these learnings with others that may be struggling with similar integration issues.

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  • Q: Regarding the new DE Partner Name Display. Can we change the name for different subsidiaries or partners?

  • A: CMS is manually loading the Partner Name at the HUB Partner ID level and thus you can have a unique display name per unique HUB Partner ID. The options if you have multiple partners or subsidiaries using your HUB Partner ID: 1) Use the default language of ‘Enrollment Partner’, 2) Use your HUB ID to display a generic name that applies to all your supported partners, or 3) Request additional HUB ID’s to use for partners that do not want to use the same naming.
  • Q: We provide plans in multiple states but only received one set of test scenarios. Do I need to request additional test users for our other states?

  • A: No, you do not need additional test cases / users. The standard FFM test cases can be used in any state by changing the address provided in the test case spreadsheet to any valid address in the state you want to test. You can change most of the information on the test users including first name, SEP or CIC reason, and income. In addition, you should rarely enter social security numbers for your testers unless you are testing something specific to social security number.

    The other common question we get is regarding RIDP users. This is a set of users provided by the FFM that should only be used during the consumer account set up pages that refer to identify verification. You only need to use one of these for every test account you set up on the FFM. For example, we use “Kamari G. Yankey” to perform Identity verification for every test regardless of use case or state. Once you complete the identity verification, you will need to change Kamari’s name, date of birth, and address to the specific use case you are testing.
  • Q: We are getting an ‘Application not completed’ error for an applicant and have confirmed that they have a valid and complete eligibility application on the FFM. Any suggestions?

  • A: We’ve seen this several times and it’s usually due to the state exchange code being used for the applicant in the partners system not matching the state exchange code that the consumer enters during the official eligibility application process on the FFM.

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