The most effective acquisition of tax credit eligible members

Enrollment Triage

Enrollment Triage is a cloud-based technology used to increase enrollments of the most profitable new members by optimizing the balance between call center resources and online enrollments based upon designated new member criteria.

Many healthcare organizations struggle to improve profitability due to call center expenses and a lack of control over the mix of new members. Triage enables carriers and private exchanges to direct applicants to the optimal enrollment path in order to increase enrollments, reduce call center expenses and achieve a more profitable mix of new policies and members. Watch Video Overview

How it Works

Triage analyzes real-time enrollment data to identify different types of enrollments based on consumer attributes, enrollment probability and member profitability, then directs them to optimal enrollment path. Triage algorithms process consumer enrollment data along with their calculated propensity to complete an enrollment online as well as current call center capacity in order to guide them down the optimal enrollment path.

We work with clients to create new member “footprints” based on different levels of enrollment value and member mix criteria. These footprints are used with our proprietary algorithms to determine the optimal enrollment path provided to the consumer.


Enrollment triage enables healthcare organizations to achieve a more profitable mix of new members and better manage call center resources.

Increase Conversions - direct consumers down the enrollment path most likely to result in an enrollment.

Reduce Enrollment Cost - control which enrollments consume expensive call center resources.

Improve Member Mix - target profitable members while minimizing resources allocated to the unprofitable.

A SAAS solution to this challenge is a win for the entire industry.
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